Biltong Recipes

  • Keto Biltong Avocado Deviled Eggs

    This protein and healthy fat packed snack is great for a party or anytime hanger hits. Adapted from Dr. Axe’s Keto Avocado Deviled Eggs these biltong deviled eggs feature avocado to add that special something. Whip up a batch and tell us what you think!
  • Bison and Biltong Chili

    What is more satisfying than a hearty bowl of chili on a brisk Autumn day?  Chili with biltong of course. Try this amazing chili recipe with Kalahari Biltong and get ready to take winter head-on!
  • Biltong Beer Pairings

    Kalahari Biltong makes the perfect beer snack! But the rise of the microbrew and the wide varieties of brews they produce may have you wondering what flavor biltong is best for your brew?
  • Biltong, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich

    The BLT: Kalahari Biltong, Lettuce, and Tomato Our Go-To Sandwich. While this sandwich may not need an official “recipe,” we would be remiss if we didn’t include it in our series.
  • Biltong Pizza

    Whether you're a meat lovers fan or just looking to double down on protein. Sub out sausage or bacon on your favorite pizza recipe for your favorite Biltong flavor and prepare to have your taste buds blown…
  • Kalahari Biltong Salad

    Eating healthy should be easy -- through planning, meal prep & portion control you can set yourself up for success each and every day.
  • Biltong Bloody Mary

    Who doesn’t love a good Bloody Mary? We know we do! Savory and packed with enough flavor, and everything else, to bust through the fog of any weekend morning. The best part? Easily customizable - which is why we love adding Kalahari Biltong to our beloved bloody’s.
  • Biltong Avocado & Toast

    If avocado and toast aren't apart of your weekly breakfast routine then you are seriously missing out! Follow the recipe below and have your taste buds blown. It's love at first bite