Biltong, How Is It Made?

biltong can be an elegant snack
biltong, how it's made - the beef

The Beef

At the heart of our Biltong is nothing less than pure concentrated beef—sourced from the finest single origin farms on the market. Using only the best cuts do we then hand slice the beef into long strips to prepare for the seasoning.

biltong, how it's made - the seasoning

The Seasoning

We then season the strips in our time-tested blend of vinegar, pepper, coriander, chili seasoning, and a dash of sea salt.

biltong, how it's made - the marinade

The Marinade

The seasoned strips are then carefully placed and allowed to marinate. Our unique process of marinating, combined with the simplicity of the ingredients, gives the strips an extraordinary depth of flavor allowing you to truly taste the beef. The inherently natural process has no such need for any preservatives or additives.

biltong, how it's made - the hang dry

The Hang-Dry

We then hang the marinated strips in a climate controlled room to air dry for 18 days. During this period, the beef develops an extraordinary depth of flavor & tenderness. This process is what uniquely separates our Biltong from all other prepared meats—especially jerky! We never apply high heat or dehydrate our beef, thus never compromising its nutritional integrity.

biltong, how it's made - the cuting

The Slicing

Last, we hand slice each strip into thin pieces using the traditional South African method of cutting against the grain—resulting in Biltong Kalahari Biltong is a tender, flavorful experience that is a unique cross between jerky, slow-roasted beef, and finest Italian prosciutto. Whether paired with a great wine and cheese, grab-and-go for your next adventure, or a post-workout snack, Kalahari Biltong is the perfect go-to.